The conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and products of the online store of "woocommerceandroid.com". The conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and products of the online store of "woocommerceandroid.com" .Termination of a contract
a) the contract is canceling the client from the entry of a notification of acceptance b) confirmation of the order: once an order has been placed, the client receives a confirmation. n by e-mail about the order. Customer Denial) This store may refuse acceptance of orders if the customer can not be contacted by phone or e-mail in the case of an e-mail. Confirmation of the order on our website, - there are still open accounts of previous orders, - lack of data (means of payment, address, etc.).
Delivery areaa) we deliver in Barcelona.Prices / increase s of precious) all prices shown include statutory VAT. The costs of packaging and shipping are extra.b) the price increase is only possible with a timely legal notice in case the conditions to carry out the contract change between the payment of the order and the fulfillment of the order.

Scope of supplya) very little amount from source / not availableIf the requested item is not available; available in the correct amount or not available at all, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the customer's money. In such cases, the client is informed immediately of the delay or cancellation. B) if there are associations in the composition or deformations of the article, which are due to the improvement of the technology and / or the requirements of the legislation. n, as well as to the brand / quality associations during the delivery period, if the modifications for a sufficient reason, and the fact that the delivery of a similar modified article is not present; allowed, this is allowed.
Shipping costs) there are standard shipping costs for all orders that must be delivered. b) If an order is rejected by the customer or returned to us due to an address. incorrectly provided by, the shipping costs will be charged to the customer and not to us.
A minimum order value) there is a minimum order value for the lapidation of orders for order delivery) orders can only be placed through the Internet.
Time to deliver) if the item is in the mail order. in the action, the execution of the order takes place within a period of 2 to 4 working days. Right of withdrawal / return) the client has the right to return the items ordered if he / she does not Like, or if the item delivered is defective or broken or damaged by the handling or for the sole reason. We will consolidate the costs of items returned to the client after the receipt of the items. In the event of damage or breakages or any other reason for which the customer wishes to exchange the product, the customer should inform us within 14 days after receipt of the delivery and return the items within the next 2 weeks. The client must bear the shipping costs in the case of the items returned. In case of exchange, the customer gets new items replaced without additional shipping costs.

Payment methods) payments are possible through bank direct debit, through Pay Pal, credit card, direct bank transfer. b) bank details will be available. In invoice.
Purpose: number of the invoice + your namec) we will send your order as soon as the amount has been paid to our account. Data security a) the data required to complete an order will be n stored electronically. Hereby, the client declares his / her consent. • Area of jurisdiction • The jurisdiction of Spain is, insofar as the client is a buyer in the sense of the code of chickens or an authority of public law.